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Dr Yusuf Kaya is a chartered civil engineer by profession and is a well-known expert in mathematical modelling and flood risk management within the UK. Before forming Kaya Consulting Limited in 2004, Yusuf managed all modelling and flood risk assessment and management work for Babtie Group in Scotland. Yusuf has over 30 years of experience in mathematical modelling of rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. Modelling tools used vary from simple one-dimensional steady state to two- and three-dimensional dynamic models. These include Hec-RAS, Floodtide, Mike11, Mike21, Isis, Divast, Flofield/Dispol, CE-QUAL-W2, and Diadem-3D.

Dr Sally Stewart
Birol Sokmener (Associate)

Callum Anderson

Callum is a civil engineer specialising in hydrology and hydraulic modelling. Currently he is a project manager in the field of flood risk management, with over 9 years professional experience both in the water industry and public sector. After completing a masters in flood risk management, Callum joined the strategic drainage department in Glasgow City Council as a graduate engineer. During his time at the council Callum was responsible for developing and managing drainage policies as well as contributing to major flood risk projects. Callum was also responsible for consulting on the assessment of flood risk for planning applications. With Kaya, Callum has gained a breadth of specialist technical knowledge in both coastal and fluvial hydraulic modelling.  Callum has set up and calibrated a number of integrated 1D/2D river-floodplain models including River Cree in Newton Stewart, River Almond in Almondbank and River Kelvin. Callum has also been involved in a number of coastal applications including modelling sediment transport processes using MIKE 21 software for a proposed dredging application at Rosyth Container Terminal. Callum is also knowledgeable with respect to environmental impact assessments and has contributed to the water chapters of environmental impact assessments. Callum is responsible for managing and delivering individual flood risk projects including key client engagement and management of financial budgets and project deadlines.

Birol joins us as an associate from Jacobs UK Ltd, where he was a Principal Engineerand brings over 30 years of experience in river and coastal modelling.Birol has been involved in many river and coastal modelling studies since 1985,initially using in-house developed modelling software and later commercially available software such as MIKE11, ISIS , HEC-RAS. Experience spanning over 28 years includes managing and providing expert advice on projects involving assessment of fluvial and tidal flood risk, flood alleviation option assessment, outline design and costing of flood alleviation schemes for almost all major watercourses in Scotland (i.e. River Clyde, River Irvine, River Garnock, River Nith, Water of Leith, Rivers Dee and Don, River Leven and River Tyne, River Esk), a large number of significant watercourses in England (Rivers Soar, Sence, Wreake, Severn, Derwent, Rother, Hipper and Mole), two major watercourses in Belfast, Northern Ireland (Rivers Loop and Knock) and in a wide range of projects for clients ranging from private developers to local authorities and framework clients such as Environment Agency and Rivers Agency. Birol also has expertise in water quality modeling studies, using the MIKE 11 modelling suite and FLOFIELD-DISPOL.

Dr Michael Stewart
Michael is a hydrologist and hydraulic modeller with over 20 years of consulting experience. Michael has recently completed a number of water balance and water quality modelling studies for proposed developments at the EKATI Diamond Mine and has acted as a senior reviewer for hydrological and water quality inputs to EIA's for major mining projects in Canada. Prior to joining Kaya Consulting, Michael led the hydrological sciences team at Rescan Environmental Services Limited in Canada, where he was involved in around 20 EIA's for mining projects primarily in Canada and Latin America. Michael has undertaken numerous 1D, 2D and 3D hydraulic, water quality and sediment transport modelling studies and he has experience of shoreline and wave assessments, as well as experience of the development of real-time flood warning systems. Michael worked for 2 years in Hydrerabad, India setting up a river and coastal flood warning system for 18 rivers in Andhra Pradesh.
Yusuf also has considerable experience in hydrological analysis using FEH methodologies and catchment modelling. He has also been involved in a number of coastal process and harbour siltation studies, many of which involved modelling of waves, currents and sediment transport. His experience covers all types of flooding including fluvial, coastal, estuarine, overland (pluvial), and sewer. He has provided expert advice on flooding issues to a number of organisations and acted as expert witness at public inquiries.
Dr Yusuf Kaya
Michael has a PhD in landscape evolution modelling (geomorphology including erosion processes and sediment transport) and undertook 3 years of post-doctoral research developing 2-D river models. This work included 2-D floodplain hydraulics, sediment transport modelling and linkage with 3-D groundwater models.
Sally is a senior environmental consultant and geomorphologist with over 18 years of consulting experience.  Sally has been responsible for the Water Environment chapters for several EIAs for mixed use developments, wind farms and powerlines and has also been involved in numerous flood risk assessments and geomorphology studies. Sally was the lead author of the East Lothian shoreline management plan and was also the lead geomorphologist and sediment modeller for impact assessments for the new Kincardine Bridge and for the Skinflats managed re-alignment project. Prior to joining Kaya, Sally worked in Canada for 4 years, where she managed the Environmental Impact Assessment process for a major mining development in northern British Columbia. Sally has a PhD in geomorphology from University of Glasgow, researching river and beach sediment transport and long-term beach evolution in Spey Bay, North-east Scotland.
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