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Cold Regions Studies

Kaya Consulting Limited staff have extensive experience of working in northern Canada, undertaking field studies and being involved in environmental assessments that require specialist knowledge of the environmental conditions in these cold regions.

EKATI Diamond Mine, Canada, Pit Lakes Studies

Kaya Consulting Limited were commissioned to undertake water balance and water quality modelling in support of closure planning at the EKATI Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada. This work included an assessment of infilling rates for exhausted pits under natural and enhanced (pumped) infilling strategies, including pits that extend below the regional permafrost layer. In addition, a key part of the work was to assess whether meromixis (stratification) could occur within the pit lakes, with an impact on water quality in the upper layers of the lake. This work was undertaken in tandem with University of British Columbia.

EKATI Diamond Mine, Future Pit Modelling Studies
Kaya Consulting have undertaken a series of studies predicting water balance and water quality in new development areas at the EKATI Diamond Mine.  The work is in support of Feasibility level design and has included derivation of key hydrological parameters (e.g., annual runoff volumes, annual precipitation, depth-duration-frequency curves) and calibration of models using observed stream flow and water quality data.

Qilalugaq Baseline Studies

In support of baseline monitoring work at an mining exploration site in the Canadian arctic, Kaya Consulting Limited staff undertook hydrological monitoring, water quality sampling, lake bathymetric survey and under ice sampling. This work was undertaken in tandem with local Inuit staff. Baseline studies included regional scale assessments of hydrology, including derivation of design variables.

Bathurst Port and Road Project

Bathurst Port and Road Project is a major infrastructure project providing road and sea access to mining projects in northern Canada. Our staff were involved in the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project, including an assessment of coastal geomorphologic change within Bathurst Inlet.

Post-closure remediation studies for Silver Bear Mine
While working for Rescan Environmental Services Limited, Michael Stewart and Sally Stewart were involved in peer review studies related to proposed remediation plans at the abandoned Silver Bear Mine in Northwest Territories, Canada. Work involved review of current water quality data, surface water flow measurements and proposed long-term monitoring plans.

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