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Mine Water Management

Kaya Consulting Limited staff have been involved in numerous water management studies for major mining projects. These have included projects in mountain regions, northern tundra, temperate climes, arid deserts and tropical areas.

Hannukainen Mine, Finland

Surface Water Hydrology Impact Assessment Water Balance and water quality modelling to support client decisions related to mine site development. The work included derivation of key hydrological parameters from baseline flow data, modelling impact of development on stream flows, working with hydrogeologists and engineers to better define mine impacts and preparing Hydrological Impact Assessment report.

EKATI Diamond Mine, Canada, Pit Late and Closure Studies

Modelling of water quality within open pits at the end of operations of EKATI Diamond Mine, as a key input into the mine closure planning process.

The modelling work also considered the likelihood of meromixis within the pit lakes and predicted water quality spilling from full pits to receiving environment. Work was completed in tandem with University of British Columbia, Canada.

Water Quality Modelling and Technical Review for Kerr Sulpherets Project
Kaya Consulting Limited set-up a GoldSim water balance and water quality model in support of the Kerr Sulpherets. Work also included training of staff in use of the model and provision of a technical review of hydrological assessment, water quality modelling assessment and water management plan. Review provided value to client in identifying issues related to water management.

Galore Creek Project, Surface Water Management and Effects Assessment
While working for Rescan Environmental Services Limited, Michael Stewart was the lead hydrologist providing key inputs to;

  • Baseline studies (20 river flow gauges and 3 weather stations)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Tailings pond water balance model (GoldSim model)
  • Design flows for access road crossings
  • Derivation of key hydrological parameters for engineering design
  • Liaison with engineers during design of water management system, dam raising schedule, spillway design, diversion channel design and pump size
  • Water management inputs during regulator review process and mine plan review 
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